Floating was previously referred to as sensory deprivation, however, at Metta³ Rest Spa we prefer to think of it as sensory freedom. Sensory deprivation implies that you are being “deprived” of your senses. We view Flotation Rest as an opportunity to be freed from the burden of constant over stimulation. While Resting in one of our luxurious float pods, your brain no longer needs to process light, sound, gravity, or even moderate your body temperature. This unique setting is an exceptional way to reboot your human bio-computer. Our nervous system is a delicate and essential part of the human experience. When overwhelmed by extraneous stimulus our bodies and minds become less effective. Think of when your computer has too many programs running. With too much to do and not enough processing power it performs below peak efficiency. Often the only choice we have is to completely restart the system. Our hope is that when visiting Metta Rest Spa³, you will have the opportunity to experience this for yourself! The additional benefits from floating are vast, varied, and powerful. Take time to unplug from today’s overstimulated society and instead Enter Into Rest.